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The 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis

July, 2022

The cannabis industry has made remarkable strides of late, and the first-ever High Times 100 celebrates the efforts of the men and women currently shaping the marijuana landscape. While the remarkable contributions of pot pioneers throughout the 20th century are largely responsible for the freedoms and successes we now enjoy, this list focuses on the people who are actively influencing the cannabis world. As such, we’ve limited the HT 100 to the living, with an emphasis on current contributions to cannabis. Here are the 100 most influential growers, extract artists, dispensary owners, product makers, activists, politicians, scientists, media members, celebs and sports figures in the cannabis world.

After losing his younger sister to a seven-year battle with leukemia, Jordan Lams dedicated his life to the medical-cannabis industry. His experience drove him to advocate for accessible, standardized, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products, and he now manages market expansion, operations and brand development for PurePenn and its partner Moxie. Lams’s leadership has driven Moxie from a self-financed start-up to an international enterprise with facilities in four states and over 40 countries, where he works to ensure emerging markets are regulated safely and responsibly.

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