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Moxie Extracts Goji Live Resin Review

July, 2022

This review has been a long time coming. I first became familiar with Goji OG as a robust house shatter from the old Rite Greens Santa Ana location. I immediately became hooked on its overwhelmingly joyful high and fresh berry flavor. This was back before my first dab rig, when I was still using my extracts exclusively from vape pens. But eventually the man shut down this Santa Ana institution, and I lost track of my most favorite of highs. I went through several years not seeing Goji on menus anywhere. Then Orange County dispensaries started carrying Moxie Extracts, and like late night drunk flirting on Facebook, this lost love came rushing back into my life again. Nary a week goes by now that I don’t have a dab of a Goji extract thanks to our friends over at Moxie.

I can already predict that these are going to be the dabs to beat come time to choose the Review’s extract of the year. Obviously, this weighs heavily on our own biases, but this past year or so, it seems that Moxie’s Goji has been on all the right menus in Orange County. And I just can’t get enough of it. This is just as much true of the Moxie brand. The coloring of their live resin is always bright yellow and the consistency ideal for pulling off hearty dabs.

As mentioned before, I have largely come to see Goji as the perfect high. I’m not sure the difference between the Goji OG strain and the extract uncluttered by an OG in its name. (Moxie also offers a Goji OG live resin) However, not a time goes by that I see Goji or a Goji hybrid at a dispensary and don’t bring it home. Just the other day, I stopped by a favorite shop in Santa Ana to grab some samples they set aside of their new flower, but when I saw Goji on their Moxie shelf, I pulled out my wallet and bought the bunch.

Dabs of Goji exude a light berry flavor. It is tasty without being overly terpy, with most of the flavor coming in the exhale. The fast hitting dabs leave the user with the most remarkable high. Goji manages to be happy without being manic or giggly. It is comfortable without being tired. Even in heavy doses, the subtle cerebral and physical effects leave me simply content to exist in a world where a high like this exists. I was distracted from my problems, but fully able to comprehend the world around me. People often ask me how I can be so high functioning a stoner as the editor of a cannabis review site. Strains like Goji certainly help.

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