Welcome to HighNow, where the name says it all. Moxie is proud to announce an affordable product line that doesn’t waiver quality. HighNow offers a simple product line of clean, high potency concentrates, vape cartridges and flower.

High Potency Concentrates

HighNow Concentrates are tasty, terpy and potent, just the way we like them. These hard-hitting jars are small but mighty and guaranteed to skyrocket you to the clouds in just a dab.

High Potency Vape Cartridges

HighNow LV RSN Cartridges are filled with live resin and high potency, full-spectrum cannabis oil to provide big number THC percentages. As the name simply puts it, these vape carts are sure to get you high… now. 

House Flower

HighNow Flower is full-spectrum, indoor goodness from our own grow in Sacramento, California. Roll it or pack it, this flower offers unique flavors and aromas with potency that will float you above the rest.

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