Our MX product line goes through the same rigorous processes as Moxie but begins with source materials from our partner greenhouse and outdoor growers. This allows us to give you the quality you expect at the price you love.

Live Resin

MX Live Resin Cartridges deliver the flavors and effects of our MX Sauce concentrates in a convenient portable vape. Think of them as a dab-on-the-go, no blowtorch necessary.

Live Resin

MX Concentrates range from Sauce to Badder, giving you an option in consistency. Each extract guarantees a full spectrum, high terpene product sourced from sun-grown flower. MX Concentrates are a fan-favorite with their powerful effect and delicious terpene-rich flavor.

Live resin process


The flower we source is grown with the utmost love and care. We partner with growers that have a high standard for sustainable growing practices.


Fresh Frozen

The flower is frozen immediately upon harvest to retain the unique terpenes and aromas that would otherwise be lost in the drying process.


Live Resin Extract

We then use a proprietary extraction technique to ensure highest preservation of the cannabis plant's essential oils and terpenes.


Testing & QC

All of our products are lab tested to ensure purity and potency. Our quality control team, including our founders, approve every batch to ensure maximum awesomeness.


Quality Live Resin

Kick back and enjoy the full floavor of our live resin cartridges. No artificial flavors & no additives. A convenient dab on the go!

MX Artist Series

MX Artist Series is an ongoing collaboration with local artists in an effort to support our creative communities and showcase the culture of art and cannabis. Artist Series will feature one artist at a time through custom packaging, merch, art displays and unique creative pieces.


Upendo Taylor is a Watts, California native who specializes is what he calls “Graphic Poetry.” With his distinct bold shape patterns, you can’t miss his art on the streets and walls of Los Angeles. He sat down with us to speak about how his art draws inspiration from life around him, including cannabis.

"So, for me, cannabis kind of quiets down the other voices in the background and lets the one voice speak. You know, let that one kind of flow come out.”

Check out the full video spotlight on our YouTube, linked below.

MX Artist
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