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Epic Collab with Moxie – The Village

July, 2022

We just wrapped up an epic collaboration with Moxie Extracts! Moxie has been renowned for years in part to their cutting edge extraction techniques & outstanding quality product. We’re very excited to have them processing our material into concentrates, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future.

For this collaboration Moxie extracted our Mimosa V6 as well as a four-way blend of ‘fuel genre’ strains that we dubbed ‘Garlic Cake’. The Garlic Cake is blend of our Garlic Cookies, Wedding Cake, Motorbreath, and Triangle OG. Both varieties came out phenomenal in both ‘sauce’ and ‘THCA’ extract form!
The Mimosa V6 and Garlic Cake were extracted from freshly frozen whole plant material, aka ‘ffwp’. Extracting from ‘ffwp’ material produces a higher quality extract that’s richer in flavor and higher in cannabinoids. Extracts produced from ‘ffwp’ are commonly referred to as ‘live resin’.

Extraction Technique:
Moxie used an extraction technique that yielded two different forms of live resin; ‘THCA’, and ‘Sauce’. The THCA is significantly higher in cannabinoids than the Sauce, while the Sauce is significantly richer in terpenes. Both forms of extract offer unique effects, flavors, and medicinal properties. Some people prefer the effect & flavor produced from the higher levels of terpenes found in Sauce, while others prefer the higher cannabinoid levels found in THCA.

This collaboration produced 5 products:
– Mimosa V6 THCA
– Mimosa V6 Sauce
– Garlic Cake THCA
– Garlic Cake Sauce
– Mimosa V6 Live Resin Cartridge.

We’re blown away with the quality of all five products! The Mimosa V6 THCA and Garlic Cake Sauce have been our in-house favorites so far, but it’s hard to choose because they’re all so wonderful.
The Mimosa V6 cartridge produces a flavor & high that rivals low-temp dabs.

The collaboration can be found at South Sacramento Care Center & other dispensaries throughout California.

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